Syed Uzair

I always wanted to be a painter, musician and a writer and although I ended up in a medical college I never gave up on the dream of a creative career.
In 2015 I picked up a camera for the first time only to fall in love with the creative freedom and possibilities it offers. But it was too early for me to say that photography is my passion, so I gave myself what I call a “10 years and 100 books challenge”. I am only a little over 2 years and around 15 books into it but I’ve fallen in love with the process of making photos.
After learning the basic vocabulary and visual language and reading some of my favourite photographs, which point towards a recurring theme, I am ever closer to developing a style.
But I am in no hurry because I’m really enjoying every bit of this creative journey which surely has no destination. It’s simply a lifelong self-exploration.
            Instagram:              @uzairshah86, @dejavufotography
            Occupation:           Doctor, Photographer.
            Interests:                Landscape, Travel, B&W, Minimal & Impressionistic Photography
            Inspiration:            Ansel Adams, Alexey Titarenko, Nick Brandt, Art Wolfe, Steve Mccurry, David Yarrow, David                                                                      Duchemin, Michael Freeman, Eileen Rafferty, Ted Forbes, Taz Tally, Ben Long. 
            Music:                     Jagjit Singh, Jon Hopkins, Coldplay, Duncan Sheik, Karsh Kale, Downtempo, Eskadet, Hazem                                                                   Beltagui, Junkie XL and the list goes on…


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